Kias Kitchen is...

embarking on gastronomic journeys across continents.

Kias Kitchen is...

for sharing with friends and family.

Kias Kitchen is...

where the food tells a story.

Kias Kitchen is...

a celebration of flavors and traditions.

Kias Kitchen is...

a place of comfort and well-being.

Kias Kitchen is...

where every bite is a journey of the senses.

About us

Kias Kitchen is a feel-good place for meeting friends and family, for culinary long-distance trips and for creative gastronomy with regional, high-quality ingredients. The restaurant was planned, designed and furnished by Kias and Alex with great attention to detail. Every tiny little thing reflects their passion for the project. The Kias Kitchen team welcomes you in a cozy atmosphere where you immediately feel welcome and receive friendly service. Food and drinks are served in the two guest rooms. Put together a tasty menu from the varied menu or be surprised by the tastefully balanced and visually sophisticated set menu. Get to know modern Brazilian cuisine better and enjoy the many variations of dishes from the various regions of this beautiful country.

Regionality is our priority
Our products are chosen carefully and personally by us. We want to work with producers for whom quality comes first.

Restaurant and Bar:

The heart of Kias Kitchen is the restaurant area with bar. Here, food and drinks are served at the tables. Put together a tasteful menu from the varied menu. Get to know our kitchen better and what we put on our plate.

The coffee is made from beans that come from Brazil and are roasted in Vienna. A dessert that is freshly prepared every day goes well with it after a meal or simply in between. The homemade cakes and pies make the sweet heart of every sweet tooth beat faster. With wine from Greece - some of them from the island of Crete, the second home country of Alex - the menu gets another special touch.
The Kias Kitchen Team wishes you a pleasant stay.


Opening Hours


From 7.05, Tuesday to Friday: 11:30am to 2:00pm


Wednesday to Saturday: 5:30pm to 10:00pm
(Kitchen open until 9 PM)


In order to ensure that as many guests as their hearts desire can have a splendid evening with us, we'd be delighted to reserve a table for a classy two hours. For reservations starting at 7:30 PM, you can linger longer in style. The latest reservation we can accept is at 8:30 PM. We're more than happy to receive reservations through "Zenchef", "Quandoo," "the Fork," via email, or over the phone. Reservation requests via email or phone are officially sealed with our confirmation. For last-minute reservations (for the same evening), a quick phone call is your best bet. We eagerly anticipate your visit to our enchanting establishment.
Warm regards from your Kias Kitchen Team.